Small Gifts {Rain}

I miss rainy days. Oh don’t get me wrong, we have rain here. The sky opens up and the rain comes hard and fast, normally for just a few minutes and then it is done. No, I’m talking about the slow kind of rainy day when you want to curl up by the window with a cup of something hot and let the steady symphony of raindrops on glass lull you right to being at peace. I miss those kinds of days.

Enter a typhoon in the South China Sea. Now, normally a typhoon isn’t something to be grateful for and I pray that those directly in the path of the storm are safe and sound. Here in Cambodia we’ve been getting the tail-end effects of the storm, four days now of constant rain. The steady cacophony of hard drops on the tin roof have lulled us to sleep, kept us company as we sit with cups of hot coffee (with a little homemade caramel and cream I might add, mmm) and provided the backdrop of our language study, exercise time and daily chores. Seriously the rain has hardly stopped, only enough for us to run to the market a couple of times and for a short time yesterday when some friends stopped by.

It has been a gift in a lot of ways. One, we have a full tank of water in our bathroom thanks to a strategically placed bucket. Two, the farmers are happy because all of this rain is saving their crops from the effects of the drought the last few months. Three, although we’ve sort of been stuck at home the last few days it has given space to rest and catch up on a few neglected tasks, and I’ve gotten my longed-for rainy day. I’m grateful.

Are you finding small grace gifts these days?


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