Let It Rain

As a farm girl, my life revolved around the seasons. Planting in the spring, harvesting in the fall, and praying for rain to come at just the right time. When the seed was fresh in the ground, we prayed for the gentle, soaking kind of rain that lasted for days, filling in the cracks and seeping in down deep to allow the seeds to sprout and the roots to hold on, firm and sure. A hard and fast rain too soon could wash away the crop, bringing destruction in the vulnerable time right after planting. It was the gentle rains that brought a smile to my dad’s face, the ones that let me know that those seeds had a chance to make it all the way to harvest time. 

This is what I’m praying for right now in Cambodia, in the places where precious seeds have been planted. We are praying for a raining down of the Holy Spirit, a soaking into the dry and thirsty ground. A sure and steady dose of His presence in the darkness, pushing away the fear and death. A lasting shower of power to turn away from tradition to hear the truth and follow after the path of life. 

They are predicting a hard drought this year, a tough time for the rice farmers and those who diligently plant tapioca and corn, who tend the orchards of mangos and longan. May this not be a picture of the spiritual realm in Cambodia in this season. As we pray for rain in the physical sense, let’s pray for that soaking rain of the Spirit over this land and this people. 

Joel 2:23 Rejoice, you people of Jerusalem! Rejoice in the Lord your God! For the rain he sends demonstrates his faithfulness. Once more the autumn rains will come, as well as the rains of spring. 


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  1. LeAnn S Eyerman says:

    Joining you in prayer for that gentle, steady rain!


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