5 Favorite Things about Our New House

After living in a long-term guesthouse situation (which had lots of perks, despite the more limited space), Kristin and I recently moved into a house that we are renting for the next year. We are feeling all kinds of grateful and spoiled as we actually have furniture and space to spread out, thanks to friends who are letting us use their things and multiple bedrooms. No place is perfect, but here are a few of the things I’m really enjoying here. 

1. A desk 

After doing all of my work and reading and typing either sitting on my bed, or at the little table that also served as our dining area, I’m loving having a real desk and office chair! With the early morning light streaming in, this is where I meet with the Father, working my way through the Old Testament or my current study of Proverbs using the SheReadsTruth app. Late afternoons you can find me here finishing up emails, figuring out the my meal plan for the days I’m responsible for cooking (thanks in most part to Pinterest!), or doing other office-y/organizational type things for our work and team, which I love. We have a separate little office area in our front room where Kristin and I plan our English lessons, brainstorm goals and ideas for our trips to the border, and work on our own language study. So we’re doubly blessed in the desk department. 

2. My bookshelf 

This was one of my favorite things in our bedroom in our house on the border, and I love having it set up to display the small collection of real books I have with me here. It makes me feel at home, like this is my space. I have received a few extra books from friends in packages or brought along in suitcases this year, and although I LOVE having the ability to carry around my phone and have access to tons of books, there’s just something about real pages and the scent of a story that is about to be discovered. Current book I’m loving that isn’t featured on this bookshelf (’cause I’m currently reading it) is David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. 

3. Kitchen counters 

I’ve been in a lot of different houses in Cambodia, so I know I’m pretty blessed in this department. Putting together healthy meals with lots of fresh ingredients has always been rather soothing for my soul, no matter what our housing situation. But the preparation and cleanup sure is a lot easier with all of this space! 

4. Windows 

Oh man, I didn’t realize how much natural light is a blessing until we lived in a house that didn’t have windows. But now we do, and it is awesome! I’m kind of a security freak too, so I appreciate being able to keep tabs on our front gate and the goings-on around us. Bonus, the tinted windows mean a bit more privacy for us. 

5. Bathroom shower 

In Liam, we had no running water for 10 of the 12 months that we lived there. I said I would never take it for granted again- and every single time I stepped under the spray of our shower at the guesthouse I expressed my gratefulness and lingered under the hot water. Well, my shower here reminds me to keep being grateful no matter what. There is a hot water heater. It just doesn’t have hot water…unless you get rather creative. You have to sort of let the hose and shower head dangle, in just the right way, and then you can’t really pick it up or the hot water turns off. So, yeah, it makes for an interesting time taking a shower if I want hot water, but you know what? There’s water flowing through the pipes and I don’t have to use the bucket method. The gratefulness lessons are still continuing on. 

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  1. joshmeares says:

    I feel you. I’m living in an apartment now … with a COUCH! And hot water. And a stove! I’m getting so spoiled.


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